It seems as if only men are interested in computers and games
Published on September 1, 2006 By Life is a Game In Personal Computing
A question that I often ask myself. I didn't seem to meet any female computer/games geek out there so I'm asking does she/them exist in the real world or only she/they are only a fantasy. For example when my coworker got a new computer (P4 2.4 Ghz, 1024 MB memory) I asked her if it's faster then the old one (P3 600 Mhz, 256 MB memory) she replied: "I didn't notice any difference". The second example is I just started with playing the new Heroes of Might and Magic V and when I asked another my friend what she thinks about it when she was watching me playing it she said: "Colors are nice". How about this example. Another coworker got an OS upgrade from win2000 to winXP and she didn't even notice that I upgraded her OS?!

OK I admit those examples are a 'bit' extreme but it made me thinking about females and computers. Is it that computers are made by male for male that there are a lot more male computer geeks out there or is it just that generally females are not that attracted by technology. Shouldn't someone make computers and games that would appeal more to female users.

Please if they are any female computer geeks out there reply to this article just that I will know that female computer geeks exist in the real world as well and not just in my fantasies. Also can you write what kind of computers and games do you like. Me for example like laptops with big screens 17"-20" and good speakers. The most I like playing turn-based strategies (Civilization and Heroes of Might & Magic) and Sci-Fi RPGs (Star Wars: Knights of Old Republic) and NBA Live series.

Comments much appreciated.
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on Sep 27, 2006
lol. I get to do that after I drop the kids off at school...

That's when being a grandparent seems/feels so much 5 days a week trips to and from school, and being able to hand 'em back when your arms get tired is a real blessing.
on Oct 29, 2006
hmm i m a female and i m very interested in comp. everyone calls me the comp savvy. I do read mag on games and also comps. My fav games are mainly first or 2rd person shooter. Some of my fav games are counter strike, max payne, godfather and GTA.Sounds bit boysish to u?