2 interesting encounters
Published on November 8, 2006 By Life is a Game In Personal Computing
Last time that I went to Virgin Megastore I had 2 interesting encounters. The first one with my long-time friend Lara Croft. We had a nice chat filling each other with latest things that happened to us since our last meeting in April 2006. It was fun as you can see on the photos.

The second encounter was with Stardock's Galactic Civilizations II game for PC. At first I was very happy to see that this great game found its way to London stores. But a bit better look at the shelf where it was peacefully waiting to be bought hurt me. They put it on the 'Budget Software' shelf! Ouch! A great game like that! A budget software?! Discounted from £19.99 to £12.99?! I don't know how that happened but it's a shame that such a great game is going away so cheap while some other average games are going for £24.99 or even more...

on Nov 13, 2006