Day 3 of my WindowBlinds Skin
Published on April 8, 2007 By Life is a Game In OS Customization
It's 8:19 am and I am starting today later as I needed to take care of some 'domestic' activites first and will now start with animations. I hope to finish them today and still have enough time to complete the special folders section.

You can view the results of Day 1 here and Day 2 here Oh, by the way it's my birhtday today. So happy birhtday to me!
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on Apr 08, 2007
Happy birthday Vito! Good luck finishing the skin, looking forward to seeing the final product.
on Apr 08, 2007
Happy birthday!
on Apr 08, 2007
Happy Birthday ! Making a skin is a huge work, but the first upload is a great moment...
on Apr 08, 2007
Checked out your links, You are doing an amazing job !~!

Happy Birthday and hope it is a fantastic day !~!

It's My Secret
on Apr 08, 2007
Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy your day.

Glad that you are using the Segoe UI Font. It will look great. Like the snaps!

on Apr 08, 2007
I think that you should take a break today - after all it is your birthday!
You shouldn't rush, although it does look really good.
on Apr 08, 2007
Thanks for your wishes. I am taking a break today a bit. My friends are taking me out for lunch later on but I still am working on the skin as much as I can.

At 11:48 am I just finished the animations. I created them in Flash and exported to AVI to use in SkinStudio. The below previews are GIFs so they are not as good quality as AVIs but good enough to give you an idea what I've done.

I will now start with graphics for special folders.

on Apr 08, 2007
bit of choccy cake...then back to work.....    
on Apr 08, 2007
Nice Job!

Just want to know something - Do you know of any good programmes that create Visual Styles for XP? I haven't made a skin before and I've said to myself that I should start from the basics (VS)
I posted a forum earlier but a lot of people are from the US and are sleeping, so their was no reply.

SkinStudio doesn't seem to have a VS utility and I'm only using the free version at the moment anyway.
on Apr 08, 2007
I have to go now, will check this post tomorrow, or which ever one has my answer - from anybody

Good Luck with the rest of your Skin!

on Apr 08, 2007
Visual Styles for XP

Sorry I don't know any. I don't even know what Visual Styles for XP are...
on Apr 08, 2007
Thanks for the cake sidneysiders just what I needed to finish off the special folders by 14:15. I am going for for my birthday lunch now and will continue with the left, right and bottom taskbar sections in the evening.

on Apr 08, 2007
Everything looking good!!!
I am going for for my birthday lunch now
Happy Birthday and Happy Easter!!!Keep up the good work stop by our Easter skin and check out the comments ,I think everybody liked it .It moved up to3.5 stars.By the way COOL Sp folders!

on Apr 08, 2007
Good to hear that Easter skin is doing well.
on Apr 08, 2007
It's 18:43 and I just came back from lunch with my friends. We went to Japanese restaurant and after that they stuffed me with loads of Italian ice cream so I'm really full now and I have to digest it a bit before I will be able to continue with my skin so I will watch a movie and after that it's back to skinning for me.   
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