Day 3 of my WindowBlinds Skin
Published on April 8, 2007 By Life is a Game In OS Customization
It's 8:19 am and I am starting today later as I needed to take care of some 'domestic' activites first and will now start with animations. I hope to finish them today and still have enough time to complete the special folders section.

You can view the results of Day 1 here and Day 2 here Oh, by the way it's my birhtday today. So happy birhtday to me!
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on Apr 08, 2007
22:19 and I will finish for today. More or less the skin is finished just need to create a seperate substyle for the taskbar on the bottom. Please if everyone can download it and test it to see if I have left out some important part or to help me find any bugs.

There are two things that I just couldn't figure out how to remove the white border around task pane and white gaps between progress bar chunks. Any help would be much appreciated. Please se pics below for reference.

Download BETA version of my 1st WindowBlinds skin. I have included the fonts in the ZIP as well.DOWNLOAD HERE

Good night everyone!
on Apr 08, 2007
on Apr 08, 2007
Hey Life is a Game, I will take a look tomorrow at progress bar at see if I can see anything, it is just an Explorer and IE problem, it works fine in FireFox.
on Apr 09, 2007
Thanks AVMAN for this bug report. I think I fixed the problem by changing the margin for stretching the image.
on Apr 09, 2007
Hi Life is a Game, A visual style is the standard theme that XP uses. Its' file extension is .msstyles. But don't worry I'll make another post about it later.

Your style is looking good!

I would download the Beta version of your skin bu I'm having a few problems with my software, and I also need to get updated versions of Stardock software, need to buy them - which is a problem because I'm in SA and I have no credit card or anything, so I'll have to make a plan.
But the previews look good, and again, I'm glad you used Segoe UI - It just gives the theme that much of a touch.
on Apr 09, 2007
Amazing work you are doing life !~!...amazed at how fast it is coming along..

Mike I purchase Stardock products by purchasing a money order in US funds. I refuse to use credit of any kind online, and have had no problems using my method in 3 years.

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