Need help with fixing some bugs in WindowBlinds skin
Published on April 15, 2007 By Life is a Game In OS Customization
Last week I finished my 1st WindowBlinds skin and now I am starting to notice some bugs and I started fixing them but I can't seem to find a solution for the 2 following bugs.

I get a white border around the scrollbar and don't know how to remove it.

The second bug I need help with is that the 'Normal' text appears in SkinStudio in pink eventhough I set it in black. When skin is applied the text is black but still I'm worried that something is not good if the text shows pink in SkinStudio. So if anyone knows what I did wrong and how to fix it would be great.


on Apr 18, 2007
For the scrollbars I would first check the size setting. Look for this under the 'Explorer' tab (on the left) Controls > Scrollbars the look for it in the 'Section' Tab, Scroolbar width. make sure its at the size you want. Many time its a good idea to have this and your images for the scrolls at the same size. Only other thought is you have the white space in your image but looking at the 2nd screenshot you don't.

The pink text is puzzeling, check to make sure none of your 'basic' colors (Explorer tab > Misc. > Colors - look in the 'Section' tab for all these) to see if you have any 'pink' there. If not then check you text color settings (Explorer tab > Misc. > Presets > Color Presets).
on Apr 18, 2007
Your always going to have a a pixel,two of seperation in Internet explorer that isnt there in Explorer. Color pic that color and compare it to those in your classic colors, itll be one of those I do believe, Probably, a light shadow or windowframe color. Im half dead right now or I would have a look for u.

The pink maybe a text shadow, or u could be using a pinked bmp in a place that doesnt like it. Id suggest using tga for buttons. If you dont want the button skinned you can specify not to skin menubar buttons in its atrributes.

This isnt the version currently posted, if you want to upload the current version somewhere without updateing it.. like sendspace or soemthing i'll gladly take a look at it for u.