Some thoughts and tips about "relationships" with computers
Published on August 29, 2005 By Life is a Game In Personal Computing
This is my first article at wincustomize so I'll just get started.
I've been using computers since I was 7 years old when my dad bought Commodore 64 and first PC when I was 10. Since then I noticed some interesting things when it comes to dealing with computers.

As a computer administrator in our academy I have to deal with computers and problems that have people with them constantly. The first thing that I noticed is that the peoples' mood has a big affect on computers even though computers are considered as a machine. Always that the person that works on a computer is nervous, in a hurry to do something quickly, under the pressure the computers tend to become slower, freeze and crash, doesn't want to print. It happened to me numerous times that I was called by somebody to come and check that it doesn't want to print and when I came and the person pushed print button it printed immediately or that computer was blocked and as soon as I came next to computer it started working again. As I have lots of experience with computers I'm quite peaceful when I work with them so as soon as I come people feel more comfortable and they relax so computers also feel better and start working. So computers are a very good indicator of our mood. Try next time that happens to you something like that to calm down before continue working and you will see the difference.

Second thing that I also noticed is that if you treat computers as live beings they work better and also the energy when working with computers is better and you feel more comfortable. I noticed that people that give computers human-like names (my computers are Lara and Ruby) the computers get some personality with which you can connect. I also say good morning and good night to them and talk to them as they were live beings. But people that don't treat them like that they have more often problems with computers as I do. The key is that when you are nice to your computer you send positive energy to her/him and they return that positive energy to us. So if you want that your computer works well be kind to it.

I know that this all sounds crazy but I've seen many of cases like this throughout my 16 years of computer experience. So next time computer freezes or crashes please think about what I wrote and try to change your "relationship" with your "baby" and you will soon see the improvement.

on Aug 29, 2005
Umm, er....Life, you already said it..."this all sounds crazy" and it really, really does!

You must also remember that people will get impatient and go "crazy" when it comes to their computers not working. And you're right, all they have to do is be patient and not press all the keys maddeningly because it's like being on an elevator and a kid comes on and presses all the buttons! Patience is the key I agree. But dontcha think that "if you treat computers as live beings they work better and also the energy when working with computers" this is taking it a bit far?!
on Aug 29, 2005
maybe i am taking it a bit far, maybe not. but sometimes taking it to far is good
on Aug 29, 2005
Why not? My computer makes noises at me, so I make noises back, I just hope it doesn't understand some of th four-letter words!
on Aug 30, 2005
My computer prefers my classic rock mp3s, but I like to listen to the newer stuff. "Nancy" will pout and sulk a bit; dragging her heels and refusing to cooperate, but we can usually work together on an amicable solution ("Well maybe I'll turn you off altogether! Whaddya think of that?!?").

It can be troubling when "Nancy" gets depressed and self destructive. She'll try and tempt me to open email attachments and "try it just this once without the firewall". Sometimes she hurts herself and starts leaking memory all over the place--and I have to amputate a process.

But, I think you're on to something. I should do something nice for my computer. I know she would really enjoy having Dungeon Siege II. I should do that for her.

Actually, I know what you mean, in that a patient and considerate user will be more successful. But I don't think we should anthropomorphize the PC just yet. A good attitude is successful because it is a better approach to life, not because the computer doesn't like being treated rudely.