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April 15, 2007 by Life is a Game
Last week I finished my 1st WindowBlinds skin and now I am starting to notice some bugs and I started fixing them but I can't seem to find a solution for the 2 following bugs.

I get a white border around the scrollbar and don't know how to remove it.

The second bug I need help with is that the 'Normal' text appears in SkinStudio in pink eventhough I set it in black. When skin is applied the text is black but still I'm worried that something is not good if the text shows pin...
April 9, 2007 by Life is a Game
8:15 am
Today is the last day of my Easter holidays and I managed to complete my skin. Today is the bug fixing day so I ask everyone to please download my skin to test it and report me any bugs they find. You can DOWNLOAD IT HERE

Here are the post from my previous 3 days.
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

I also need help with two things that I just couldn't figure out how to remove the white border around task pane and the white gaps between progress bar chunks. Any help would be much appreciated. Pl...
April 8, 2007 by Life is a Game
It's 8:19 am and I am starting today later as I needed to take care of some 'domestic' activites first and will now start with animations. I hope to finish them today and still have enough time to complete the special folders section.

You can view the results of Day 1 here and Day 2 hereOh, by the way it's my birhtday today. So happy birhtday to me!
April 7, 2007 by Life is a Game
Today I will continue with creating my frist ever WindowBlinds skin. You can have a look here WWW Link what I did yesterday. I set myself today a goal to finish the toolbar icons and controls.

I have to admit that yesterday after working all day on this skin I slowly started loosing motivation to finish it and that's exactly why I posted an article yesterday to get some support from you guys. So big thanks to everybody for your comments. I got back my spirit and motivation after reading your ...
April 6, 2007 by Life is a Game
This must be already the 10th time that I decided to make a WindowBlinds skin and couple of times I even started with the artwork but never got myself to make any significant progress as the job just seemed so big.

That's why I decided to make it during my 4-day Easter holiday because I don't have a girlfriend anymore and all my friends are going away I have the whole 4 days absolutely free so I figured that this should be enough time for me to create a skin. Yesterday I bought enough food s...